Supercomputer modelling of the climate system

Seminar Chair

Sadovnichy V.A., Academician, rector of Lomonosov Moscow State University (MSU)


  • Vilfand R.M., Dr.Tech.Sci., Hydrometeorological Center of Russia
  • Dobrolyubov S.A., Corresponding member of Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS), Faculty of Geography of MSU
  • Lykosov V.N., Corresponding member of Russian Academy of Sciences, Institute of Numerical Mathematics RAS, Research Computing Center of MSU
  • Tikhonravov A.V., Professor, Research Computing Center of MSU

Secretary of the seminar:  Stepanenko V.M., Cand.Phys.Math.Sci. (PhD), Research Computing Center MSU

Research Areas

The seminar covers the following research areas:

  • Methods and technologies of supercomputing in interdisciplinary problems of environmental sciences
  • Mathematical modeling of processes in the climate system
  • Supercomputer technologies in the weather forecast
  • Supercomputer technologies in the problem of climate change and assessment of related impact on the environment
  • Supercomputer technologies in the problems of environmental protection, including natural hazards and man-made disasters

Invited Talk

The seminar program will include the invited talk:

Supercomputer modelling of geophysical turbulence
A.V. Glazunov (INM RAS), E.V. Mortikov (RCC MSU, INM RAS)

Numerical models of turbulent flows in atmospheric and oceanic boundary layers, based on Direct Numerical Simulation and Large Eddy Simulation methodologies, are presented. The models are developed in INM RAS and RCC MSU, they employ original methods for numerical solution of hydrodynamics equations and new approaches to "subgrid" (turbulent) closures. The models are efficiently parallelized and adopted to heterogeneous architectures of modern supercomputers. Several idealized flow simulations are discussed including stratified boundary layer flows under large Reynolds numbers and geophysical turbulent flows over heterogeneous surfaces. These simulations are necessary for validation and development of perspective parameterizations of turbulent exchange in general circulation models of ocean and atmosphere.

Attending the Seminar

Date and time: September 27, 2016, 16:20.
Venue: Holiday Inn Sokolniki.
Attending the seminar is free in case of early registration.