Accepted Papers

Research Papers

«Paris Agreement» and the global model of a radiation forcing on the climate in the planet-wide (dedicated to the memory of the Main Theorist of Cosmonautics M.V. Keldysh in the year of its 105th anniversary).
Tamara Sushkevich, Sergey Strelkov and Svetlana Maksakova

A parallel algorithm for 3D modeling of monochromatic acoustic field by the method of integral equations
Mikhail Malovichko, Nikolay Khokhlov, Nikolay Yavich and Michael Zhdanov

A parallel algorithm for the simulation of fragmentation and the formation of filamentous structures in molecular clouds
Boris Rybakin, Nikolay Smirnov and Valery Goryachev

Adaptation of cloud service for HDR photo processing to GPU with NVIDIA Kepler architecture
Maxim Krivov, Nikita Zakharov and Sergey Elizarov

Addition for supercomputer functionality
Gennady Stetsyura

Analysis of processes communication structure for better mapping of parallel applications
Ksenia Bobrik and Nina Popova

Applying future Exascale HPC methodologies in the energy sector
Rafael Mayo

Audit of wind turbine characteristics using CFD simulation on a supercomputer
Yuriy Kozhukhov, Alexander Lebedev, Aleksey Danilishin and Emil Davletgareev

Automated debugging of parallel programs using the combination of static and dynamic approaches
Andrey Vlasenko and Alexandr Goudov

Block Lanczos algorithm with reduced number of data exchanges
Nikolai Zamarashkin and Dmitry Zheltkov

Cloud service SciMQ for stream processing of experimental data on a supercomputer
Vladislav Shchapov and Grigoriy Masich

Cyclic reduction graph critical path and coefficient of logarithm
Alexey V. Frolov

Design and concept development of a new Multiphysics simulation tool for hemodynamics modeling
German Kopytov

Development of software for modeling cell division on graphics accelerators
Maxim Krivov, Nikita Zakharov, Fazly Ataullakhanov and Pavel Ivanov

Effective basic linear algebra operations for solution of large sparse linear systems over finite fields
Dmitry Zheltkov

EnOI-based data assimilation technology for satellite observations and ARGO float measurements in a high resolution global ocean model using the CMF platform
Maxim Kaurkin, Rashit Ibrayev and Alexander Koromyslov

Experience of Direct Numerical Simulation of Turbulence on Supercomputers
Andrey Garbaruk, Kirill Belyaev, Mikhail Strelets, Mikhail Shur and Philippe Spalart

Extension of DVM-system capabilities to solve problems which use irregular grids
Vladimir Bakhtin, Alexander Kolganov, Victor Krukov, Natalya Podderyugina and Mikhail Pritula

GPU-accelerated molecular dynamics: energy consumption and performance
Vyacheslav Vecher, Vsevolod Nikolskiy and Vladimir Stegailov

Groundwater flow and transport modeling using the GeRa code
Ivan Kapyrin, Fedor Grigorev and Igor Konshin

High-performance simulation of the stresses in the deposited thin films
Fedor Grigoriev, Alexei Sulimov, Igor Kochikov, Olga Kondakova, Vladimir Sulimov and Alexander Tikhonravov

Implementation and Testing of the PO-HEFT Problem-oriented Workflow Planning Algorithm for Cloud Environments
Gleb Radchenko, Ivan Lyzhin and Ekaterina Nepovinnyh

Implementation of a multi-queue reconfigurable injection buffer in a communication network adapter as an effective way of interaction with a multitude of processes
Kirill Kurochkin

Implementation of parallel I/O in DVM-system
Vladimir Bakhtin, Victor Krukov, Natalya Podderyugina and Mikhail Pritula

Implementation of tracer transport module in climates models using hybrid MPI-OpenMP approach
Evgeny Mortikov

INMOST software platform development: dynamic grids, linear solvers, and automatic differentiation
Igor Konshin, Dmitri Bagaev, Andrey Burachkovskiy, Alexander Danilov and Kirill Terekhov

In-situ processing of big raster data with command line tools
Ramon Antonio Rodriges Zalipynis

Key features of multibody code vectorization using different instruction sets
Victor Getmanskiy, Andrey Andreev and Eugenya Movchan

Layer-by-layer partitioning of finite-element meshes for multi-core architectures
Alexander K. Novikov, Natalia K. Piminova and Sergey P. Kopysov

Load balancing during parallel solving a set of optimization problems
Konstantin Barkalov and Kirill Nikolaev

Modeling the Hardware Platform of the Database Multiprocessor, Equipped With Manycore Coprocessors
Konstantin Besedin and Pavel Kostenetskiy

MPI efficiency over ethernet interconnect on long distances
Aleksandr Igumnov, Aleksandr Bersenev, Aleksey Masich, Grigorij Masich and Vladislav Shchapov

Multiphase flows modelling using INMOST parallel platform
Kirill Nikitin, Igor Konshin, Kirill Terekhov and Vasily Kramarenko

Numerical model of shallow water: the use of GPUs NVIDIA CUDA
Tatyana Dyakonova, Alexander Khoperskov and Sergey Khrapov

Numerical study vibration processes in large-sized fiberglass fan
Arthur Shmakov and Vladimir Modorsky

On implementation of computational web services for big data processing
Oleg Sukhoroslov

Optimal checkpointing period for long duration computational tasks
Andrei V. Kiselev

Parallel algorithms for a three-dimensional photochemical air pollution model
Alexander Starchenko, Eugeny Danilkin, Anastasiya Semenova and Andrey Bart

Parallel Computation of Normalized Legendre Polynomials using Graphics Processors
Konstantin Isupov, Vladimir Knyazkov, Alexander Kuvaev and Mihail Popov

Parallel computational models for estimation of actual speedup of analyzed algorithm
Igor Konshin

Parallel computing in the search of effective variants in the multi-criteria optimization problems
Evgeniy Kozinov and Victor Gergel

Parallel implementation of the coupled atmosphere-ocean model for seasmless weather prediction and climate change modelling
Rostislav Fadeev, Konstantin Ushakov, Mikhail Tolstykh, Rashit Ibrayev and Vladimir Kalmykov

Parallel Software for Simulation of Nonlinear Processes in Microsystems
Sergey Polyakov, Viktoriia Podryga, Dmitry Puzyrkov and Tatiana Kudryashova

Performance Evaluation of the Angara Interconnect
Timur Ismagilov, Aleksandr Semenov and Aleksej Simonov

Performance of MD-algorithms on hybrid systems-on-chip Nvidia Tegra K1 and X1
Vsevolod Nikolskiy, Vyacheslav Vecher and Vladimir Stegailov

Preference-based scheduling and resources allocation between Grid VO stakeholders
Victor Toporkov, Dmitry Yemelyanov and Petr Potekhin

Revised pursuit algorithm for solving unstable linear programming problems on modern computing clusters with manycore accelerators
Leonid B. Sokolinsky and Irina Sokolinskaya

Scalable algorithms for fault tolerant calculation of malleable jobs on unstructured meshes in large-scale computing systems
Georgy Evtushenko and Alexey Novikov

Simultaneous modelling of multiple turbulent flow states
Boris Krasnopolsky

Oleg Tchij, Nikolay Paramonov, Alexsander Rymarchuk and Victor Maziuk

Solution of wave tomography problem with Neumann boundary conditions on supercomputer
Sergey Yu. Romanov

Solving global optimization problems on GPU
Ilya Lebedev and Konstantin Barkalov

Speeding up numerical calculations in Python
Aleksei Fedotov, Vasily Litvinov and Areg Melik-Adamyan

Speedup estimation for parallel element-by-element schemes on multicore architectures
Sergey P. Kopysov, Alexander K. Novikov and Nikita S. Nedozhogin

Study of CPU Usage Data Properties for Using in Performance Monitoring
Konstantin Stefanov and Alexey Gradskov

Supercomputer modeling of processes of interaction of silicon-carbon nanostructured electrodes and solid-state electrolytes in Li-ion power sources
Vadim Volokhov, Dmitry Varlamov, Tatiana Zyubina, Alexander Zyubin and Aleksander Volokhov

Supercomputer quantum-chemical quasi-docking
Alexey Sulimov, Danil Kutov, Ekaterina Katkova and Vladimir Sulimov

Supercomputer simulation of physical and chemical processes in the construction of solid fuel ramjet engine components for hypersonic aircraft
Vadim Volokhov, Pavel Toktaliev, Sergei Martynenko, Leonid Yanovskii, Aleksander Volokhov and Dmitry Varlamov

Supercomputer simulations of episodic accretion using SPH
Olga Stoyanovskaya, Nikolay Snytnikov and Alexander Pustovarov

The DiamondTorre algorithm and high performance FDTD code implementation for GPGPU supercomputers
Vadim Levchenko, Andrey Zakirov, Anastasia Perepelkina and Yasunari Zempo

The dynamics of formation and fine structure of the flow pattern around obstacles in laboratory and computational experiment
Yuli D. Chashechkin, Yaroslav V. Zagumenniy and Nataliya F. Dimitrieva

The Elbrus Platform Feasibility Assessment for High-Performance Computations
Ekaterina Tyutlyaeva, Sergey Konuhov, Alexander Moskovsky and Igor Odintsov

The experimental comparison of performance and fault tolerance of software packages "Pyramid", X-COM and BOINC
Anton Baranov, Denis Chernyaev and Evgeny Kiselev

The hybrid CPU / GPU implementation of general information technology for generation of digital terrain models from satellite images
Anton Kotov, Yegor Goshin and Vladimir Fursov

The method for development of the portable numerical simulation programs for different hybrid supercomputer types
Alexey Snytnikov and Ekaterina Genrikh

The model of column coprocessor development
Stepan Prikazchikov and Pavel Kostenetskiy

Using CUDA and OpenCL technologies for modeling seismic processes with grid-characteristic method
Andrey Ivanov and Nikolay Khokhlov

Using Docker container virtualization to run tasks on supercomputer nodes
Vladislav Shchapov, Alexey Denisov and Stanislav Latypov

Using GPU for searching pairs of orthogonal diagonal Latin squares of order 10
Ivan Shutov, Stepan Kochemazov, Oleg Zaikin, Ilya Kurochkin and Eduard Vatutin

Using simulation for performance analysis and visualization of parallel Branch-and-Bound methods
Yury Evtushenko, Yana Golubeva, Yury Orlov and Mikhail Posypkin

Vectorization of astrophysical code for massively parallel supercomputers
Igor Kulikov, Igor Chernykh, Boris Glinskiy, Vladislav Nenashev, Alexey Shmelev, Andrey Andreev, Vitaly Egunov, Egor Kharkov and Alexander Kupchishin

[No translation were provided by authors] Многоуровневый дизайн параллельной реализации сеточных методов решения прямых и обратных задач
Sofya Titarenko, Igor Kulikov, Igor Chernykh, Maxim Shishlenin, Olga Krivorotko, Dmitry Voronov and Mark Hildyard

[No translation were provided by authors] Параллельные технологии решения задач аэродинамики в комплексе программ "FlowModellium"
Aleksandr Chikitkin, Vladimir Titarev, Mikhail Petrov and Sergei Utyuzhnikov

[No translation were provided by authors] Специализированный решатель разреженных систем линейных алгебраических уравнений на вычислительных кластерах, оснащенных графическими процессорами
Arthur Yuldashev, Ratmir Gubaidullin, Nikita Repin and Rustam Sayfutdinov

[No translation were provided by authors] Суперкомпьютерный центр «Политехнический» - стратегия и перспективы развития
Yury Boldyrev, Aleksey Borovkov, Vladimir V. Glukhov, Vladimir S. Zaborovskiy and Alexandr I. Osadchiy

[No translation were provided by authors] О концепции и методологии интегрированного программного окружения экстремального математического моделирования
В.П. Ильин


A parallel algorithm for maximizing network pseudoflow for solving problem of searching open pit limits
Denis Petrov, Vladimir Mikhelev and Pavel Vassiliev

An Extended Model of HPCG Performance for ccNUMA Architectures
Aleksei Levchenko and Evgeniy Petukhov

Automatic generation of the parallel algorithms for machine learning and evolutionary computations
Nikolay Ershov and Nina Popova

Comparative analysis of methods for solving question about optimal control for water biological resources
Natalya Shilova and Olga Yufryakova

Creation of the problem-oriented environment of computer modeling of nanocomposite materials on the basis of complex Web-based computing and infrastructure services and interfaces
Vadim Volokhov, Dmitry Varlamov, Aleksander Volokhov and Andrei Prokhorov

Development of unified method for parameters passing and task executing on computational clusters
Mikhail Vorobyov and Alexey Salnikov

Distributed algorithms for solving mazes by swarm of robots
Nikolay Ershov

Fault-tolerant operation of high-performance computing systems with the parallel architecture based on nanoscale electronic elements
Mikhail Makarov

GPU-accelerated analysis of linear trends in a protein motion
Dmitry Suplatov, Kirill Kopylov and Vytas Švedas

Investigation of mesh refinement techniques for Particle-in-cell plasma modelling
Anton Larin, Evgeny Efimenko and Arkady Gonoskov

MPI application tuning based on trace replay
Evgeny Leksikov, Timonova Anastasia and Dmitry Durnov

Multi-Agent Based Adaptive Swarm Robotics Control in Dynamically Changing and Noisy Environments
Victoria Erofeeva, Oleg Granichin and Vladimir Kiyaev

Optimization method of the wave function Monte Carlo in the task of finding attractorof stationary quantum system
Sergey Denisov, Valentin Volokitin, Alexey Linev, Mikhail Ivanchenko, Iosif Meyerov and Peter Hanggi

Parallel computing in a task of the analysis corrosion processes on a surface of metals by computer vision
Marat Enikeev, Irek Gubaydullin, Kamila Koledina and Marina Maleeva

Performance analisys of GROMACS molecular dynamics package on different architectures
Alexey Shvetsov and Eugeniy Petukhov

Studying the mechanism of substrate recognition by flexible active site loops in 3-hydroxybenzoate hydroxylase and 2-hydroxybiphenyl 3-monooxygenase enzymes using supercomputer
Kirill Kopylov, Dmitry Suplatov and Vytas Švedas

Supercomputer modelling of electronic properties of dopped strontium hexaferrite
Artem Mitrofanov, Artem Eliseev, Evgeniy Gorbachev and Lev Trusov

Supercomputer simulation of processes of solid-propellant combustion and dynamics of combustion products at the solid propellant rocket engine
Yury Dimitrienko, Andrey Zakharov, Mikhail Koryakov and Alexander Stroganov

The solution two-phase flow equations in three - dimension res-ervoirs using decomposition methods
Alex Tsepaev

Alexader Dzyabchenko, Yaroslav Kucherinenko and Mikhail Kuzminsky

Aleksei Danilishin, Yuriy Kozhukhov, Lyubov Gileva and Sergey Kartashov

Xeon Phi KNL hardware architecture modeling in terms of parallel database processing
Roman Chulkevich

PhD Showcase

A parallel algorithm for minimum spanning tree problem on the supercomputer with "Angara" interconnect
Artem Mazeev

Comparing efficiency of using different mathematical statements of a problem for 3D simulation of seismic wave field at supercomputer
Anna Sapetina

Comparison of current deposition schemes for Particle-in-Cell plasma simulation
Anatoliy Rozanov

Development of the parallel iterative Helmholtz problem solver for the SL-AV global atmospheric model
Gordey Goyman

Interconnect load balancing algorithm for multidimensional torus topology interconnect with failures
Anatoly Mukosey

Methods for describing high-performance computing systems and formation of supercomputer rankings
Artem Zheltkov

Parallel algorithm for numerical solution of the two-layer shallow water model in 2D
Margarita Gabdullina

Parallel algorithms of solving ill-conditioned systems of linear equations of big dimensions
Dmitry Raevsky

Scalable method of organization parallel data processing on heterogeneous computing clusters in seismics tasks
Alexander Burtsev

Technical aspects and economic benefits of using an immersion cooling system
Ilya Osinin and Andrey Shatohin

Technology of simulation of elastic wave propagation in media with complex 3D geometry surface on high-performance clusters
Pavel Titov

The solution of load balancing and ensuring fault tolerance problems in the sector models conjugation distributed system
Nail Gibaev, Mark Kashintsev and Stanislav Samboretskiy

Tool for the accounting of the supercomputer’s users’ traffic
Kristina Enokyan

Use of parallel Globalizer solver for solving global optimization problems from GenOpt competition
Ilya Lebedev and Vladislav Sovrasov

Using machine learning methods to detect applications with abnormal efficiency
Denis Shaykhislamov

Industrial Session

[No translation were provided by authors] Разработка CFD модели реактора проекта АЭС-2006
Alexander Skibin, Vasilii Volkov, Luka Golibrodo, Alexey Krutikov, Oleg Kudryavtsev and Yuri Nadinskiy

[No translation were provided by authors] Масштабный эффект в задачах судостроения – современные возможности оценки
Лобачев Михаил, Николай Овчинников, Андрей Таранов and Игорь Чичерин